An Interview With Cottonbell

As January continues to impose its chilly days on us, warm sunny weather isn’t the only thing we have to say goodbye to here at Boxcarr Handmade Cheese. Thanks to the cold weather, we’ve phased out our mixed-milk masterpiece, Cottonseed, as our goat milk supply ‘dries up’ for the winter.

It’s not all bad news, however – now that Cottonseed is on ‘‘winter vacation,’ we’ll be introducing a delicious new cheese to our lineup. We’re utilizing the same recipe we use to make Cottonseed, but we will use only cow milk, since the cows will continue to be milked throughout the season. This cheese will be called Cottonbell. To get everyone properly excited, we’re bringing you a special, prime-time interview with Cottonbell!


Hey there Cottonbell. Why don’t you start by telling us a little about your name?

Well, I’m named partly after my sister cheese, Cottonseed. She is made from goat and cow milk. But I’m a little different–I’m made from the same recipe as Cottonseed, but only using cow milk! As we all know, cows wear bells – at least the cute ones do. So I’m Cottonbell, to help you remember I’m made from only cow milk.

What’s wrong with milk from a goat?

Nothing–goat milk is great! But right now it’s not available. The goats are pregnant- that’s right, adorable baby goats are on the way! But until they have their kids in the springtime, their milk isn’t available. So I’m a winter treat made only with cow milk.

Does it hurt your feelings that they only make you in wintertime?

It’s okay. It just means I’m special! I get to stand in for Cottonseed, but I think I’m much more than a stand-in…I think everyone will fall in love with me too. Maybe I’ll even stick around after the spring, we’ll see…ah, here’s another photo of me, a slightly different angle…pretty cute, right?


You look beautiful from both angles, and your positive attitude is infectious. Speaking of your sister – how are you and Cottonseed different?

Cottonseed may be a little funkier than me, but I think I’m universally palatable. I still have a lot of flavor! I’m a little smoother, creamier, and have a cleaner flavor profile. At first bite I’m quite milky, but then there’s a nice truffle finish. I have a gooey, creamy center surrounded by a soft, delicate rind. And unlike Cottonseed, I’m not a diva! I don’t require two types of milk, nor am I limited by season. She’s so high-maintenance! Taking a whole season off because the goats are pregnant? What a princess. I like to think that I’m a little easier to handle. I’m down to chill on your cheese plate whenever you want.

So you spend a lot of time on cheese plates?

Well, I think that’s where I look the most beautiful. And I get help from some friends: a little jam, red wine, some crackers or baguette, those all really bring out the best in me. Our flavors pair so well together! But I’m not limited to cheese boards–I can be pretty versatile.

What else do you spend your time doing?

Well, I have a lot of interests. I’m a lot of fun when I am baked, which is more frequently than my mom would like to hear about–just wrap me in puff pastry and pop me in the oven for a good time; or you can add me to a grilled cheese sandwich for a more savory flavor. I go really well with caramelized onions or other sweet things like figs, pears, etc. I also like Nascar, and watching football. Me + my bestie red wine + football = a great night.

What are some of the biggest misconceptions about you?

That my favorite color is slate, you know, like a cheese board. That’s cool, I look nice on slate, but I also really like blue. My snowy rind looks beautiful on bright blue plates.

I think you know by now that we can’t do a Boxcarr interview without asking this: what’s your spirit animal?

Well, that’s a tough one. But I think I’d choose a penguin. A baby emperor penguin. You think of penguins in the winter, just like me! They like snuggling their friends on cool, dark glaciers, just like the cheese cave & fridge where I spend most of my time! They melt a little at room temperature, just like me, and they’re round and soft and adorable around the edges, just like me! 

             emperor-penguin-baby_522_600x450        penguin-snow-bank

Thanks so much for talking with us, Cottonbell! Last question: what’s your special talent?

Well, I love haikus. I wrote one for you.

Cow’s milk, winter time

Creamy, versatile, amaze

My name is not Brie.


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