Baby Goats and Big News!

With baby goats comes big news: we’re excited to announce that in the Spring of 2019 we will be milking our own goats!

baby gaots

This is a goal we have been working towards since opening the creamery. When we built the cheese house, we always intended to one day make our cheeses with milk from our own goats, and we’re excited to have reached that goal sooner than anticipated. We currently purchase milk from a neighbor, and will continue to purchase cow’s milk for our mixed milk cheeses, as well as some goat’s milk to supplement what we’ll be getting from our goats.

baby goat lying down

Sam has had goats for over fourteen years, and Austin and Dani have also kept goats at Boxcarr Farms for many years. The family’s love of goats and making their own cheese from their milk is what led to Boxcarr Creamery in the first place! We are overjoyed to be in a place where it is sustainable to maintain our own milking herd!

baby goats outside

To start growing our milking herd, we picked up a round of baby goats last year and a second round this year, both from Twig Farm in Vermont. They are the cutest, so get ready for more goat pics in amongst all the cheese pics on our social media!

baby goat looking at you baby goat

In other news – its finally summertime properly, which means our mixed milk cheeses; Cottonseed, Winsome, Nimble, and the Weanling Button, are all finally available again! Look for them in grocery stores and at the Farmer’s Markets, and keep an eye on our Instagram for more details!

baby goats climbing


The Boxcarr Team