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Sam & Fam in Seattle

Samantha, Mark, and lil Rosie were in Seattle last week! How fitting that they should come home to several weeks of rain. At least it isn’t as chilly here yet. She may have been out of the cheese room, but she definitely didn’t stay away from cheese! Here are some photos from the Calf &… Read more »

Sam & Fam at The Eddy Pub

Have you all heard of The Eddy Pub? Located in Saxapahaw, they serve dinner and brunch, offering a menu that features lots of local producers, including Boxcarr Handmade Cheese. Our Rosie’s Robiola is one of their options for the cheese and charcuterie plate. We love how they’ve incorporated many practices of sustainability into their business, and how everyone… Read more »

The Story of Weanling Button

Soon, we’ll be offering a new cheese in limited batches. It’s called “Weanling Button” and we would like to share the origin of its funny little name… Samantha has had goats for about 10 years and has loved them for even longer. There’s really nothing so sweet and adorable as a knobby-kneed, button-nosed baby goat frolicking around…. Read more »

Our two Rosies

Sam and Rosie goat

Before there was this little Rosie bean… …there was this Rosie: Rosie the goat is our unofficial mascot. She might look like a normal goat, but really, she is super special. And, she’s tough: she’s had many near-death experiences. She’s survived a barn fire, a blood infection, a dog attack, and azalea poisoning. Even though… Read more »

Happy Year of the Sheep!

Adorable lambs

We celebrated the Chinese New Year several weeks ago and feel that it is especially auspicious that this year is the year of the Sheep (or Goat, depending on your sources). Whichever ovine you prefer as your mascot, our friend Samantha Gasson’s lambs are always overwhelmingly precious: Speaking of sheep, we’re going to be up… Read more »

So much news!

Samantha with baby Rosie

Hey everyone! We’ve had a busy summer and fall, and we have several updates… The Creamery We are quite excited by the progress of the creamery, and it will soon be complete. There are only a few things left to do, and we expect to be in it and making cheese by the beginning of… Read more »