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The Return of Cottonseed!

As some of you may know, our popular Cottonseed is replaced by the Cottonbell in the winter, when our goat milk supply dries up for the season. We’re excited to announce that the Cottonseed is back! A creamy, decadent cheese made with both goat and cow milk, the Cottonseed has a delicate rind and is… Read more »

Ash ripened Robiola ravioli with spring pea ragout

We’re excited to tell you about one of our newest cheeses, an ash ripened Robiola. The ash dusted wrinkly rind delicately blankets a creamy center, with gentle almond and bright mushroom notes. To celebrate this new cheese, we asked our friend John May to create a recipe featuring the Robiola. John started cooking to impress… Read more »

The Story of Weanling Button

Soon, we’ll be offering a new cheese in limited batches. It’s called “Weanling Button” and we would like to share the origin of its funny little name… Samantha has had goats for about 10 years and has loved them for even longer. There’s really nothing so¬†sweet and adorable as a knobby-kneed, button-nosed baby goat¬†frolicking around…. Read more »

Our two Rosies

Sam and Rosie goat

Before there was this little Rosie bean… …there was this Rosie: Rosie the goat is our unofficial mascot. She might look like a normal goat, but really, she is super special. And, she’s tough: she’s had many near-death experiences. She’s survived a barn fire, a blood infection, a dog attack, and azalea poisoning. Even though… Read more »

Happy Year of the Sheep!

Adorable lambs

We celebrated the Chinese New Year several weeks ago and feel that it is especially auspicious that this year is the year of the Sheep (or Goat, depending on your sources). Whichever ovine you prefer as your mascot, our friend Samantha Gasson’s lambs are always overwhelmingly precious: Speaking of sheep, we’re going to be up… Read more »