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Boxcarr in Seattle!

We recently took a trip to Seattle to meet with our new distributor, Petersons. They don’t yet have our cheese available but will soon be distributing Boxcarr throughout Portland and Seattle! We’re very excited to be signing on with them. We also had a great time exploring the city – and eating lots of cheese… Read more »

An Interview With Lily

This month on the blog we’re doing another interview—not with a cheese, but a cheesemaker! Well, a cheesemaker in training. We’re excited to introduce our newest employee, Lily, who we completely adore & are excited to have learning to make cheese with us every day! We interviewed her so you can get to know her… Read more »

An Interview with Mike

Mike holds a glass of wine daintily

Next in our series of staff member Q&As is Mike, our friend and comrade in arms. The Boxcarr Handmade Cheese team thinks if you don’t know Mike, you should. Sure, he’s a diligent worker with a perceptive palate and years of experience, but he also spins a great yarn, always has the perfect (sometimes obscure) reference, and… Read more »

An Interview with Austin

Austin holding Ari

This is the second in a series of interview posts we’ll be doing. Owner Samantha Genke started things off, and now it’s time to shift focus to her younger brother, owner Austin Genke. Austin is one of our fearless leaders, a talented chef and farmer, a proud dad and husband, a workaholic, and an ice-cream aficionado…. Read more »

An interview with Samantha

Sam being a yogi on the street

This is the first in a series of interview posts we’ll be doing. We’ll be featuring Boxcarr Handmade Cheese staff members, other cheese-makers and farmers, and people we just want to talk about for some reason or another. It makes sense to kick off these posts with Samantha. She’s one of our two founders and… Read more »