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Good Food Award!

We are so grateful to have been chosen for a Good Food Award this year, for our favorite mixed milk cheese, Cottonseed! Congratulations to all of the other winners – you can check out the full list here – including some amazing North Carolina friends! We’re humbled to be included in this group of amazing… Read more »

Introducing Nimble!

A dutch baby for our new baby! New cheese baby, that is. We’re excited to announce Nimble, a mixed milk version of Lissome, made with half goat’s milk and half cow’s milk. Like Lissome, it also has a beer-washed rind, and a creamy interior that melts in your mouth. We add a dark brew from… Read more »

ACS Ribbons!

We were surprised and overjoyed to take home two ribbons from this year’s American Cheese Society Competition! This is a life-long dream come true, and we couldn’t be prouder of our cheeses and our amazing team that made this happen. We’re still so overwhelmed with happiness! Our Cottonseed won third place in the Soft-Ripened Cheese… Read more »

Summer Simplicity

With the hectic and hot beginning of summer, all the Boxcarr team wants to do right now is eat cheese boards. A full meal is too much effort and too heavy! Soon we’ll transition to salads and BLTs, but for now we’re taking the easiest route with simple, savory cheese boards to nibble on. Luckily… Read more »

The Return of Cottonseed!

As some of you may know, our popular Cottonseed is replaced by the Cottonbell in the winter, when our goat milk supply dries up for the season. We’re excited to announce that the Cottonseed is back! A creamy, decadent cheese made with both goat and cow milk, the Cottonseed has a delicate rind and is… Read more »

Ash ripened Robiola ravioli with spring pea ragout

We’re excited to tell you about one of our newest cheeses, an ash ripened Robiola. The ash dusted wrinkly rind delicately blankets a creamy center, with gentle almond and bright mushroom notes. To celebrate this new cheese, we asked our friend John May to create a recipe featuring the Robiola. John started cooking to impress… Read more »

Crafting the Perfect Holiday Cheese Plate

The holidays are one of our favorite times of year–not because of sparkly lights or presents, but because we love the chance to gather around the table with friends & family. However, all the cooking involved can definitely be stressful, or at least time-consuming; so we thought we’d give you some tips on crafting a crowd-pleasing… Read more »

Cheese Links from around the Web

Here’s a neat interactive little page that helps classify cheeses according to several different factors: Interactive Cheese Classification. All of our cheeses fall under the ‘Ripened’ category. Lissome and Campo would be found under Bacterial Ripened — External, and Weanling Button, Cottonseed, and Rosie’s Robiola would all fall in the Mold-Ripened — External category. It’s fun to think about cheese… Read more »

An Interview with Lissome

Did you know that our Lissome is now mature? This cheese has been aging for the past few months, and, until recently, wasn’t ready. But it’s time for the debut– Lissome is ready to be enjoyed and is available in certain markets, including the Durham Co-Op and A Southern Season. We recently sat down with… Read more »