Cheese Links from around the Web

Here’s a neat interactive little page that helps classify cheeses according to several different factors: Interactive Cheese Classification. All of our cheeses fall under the ‘Ripened’ category. Lissome and Campo would be found under Bacterial Ripened — External, and Weanling Button, Cottonseed, and Rosie’s Robiola would all fall in the Mold-Ripened — External category. It’s fun to think about cheese having a family tree, and to imagine how different cheeses are siblings, cousins, or even more distant relatives.

And here is another pretty cheese chart, this time arranged according to milk type. There are lots of cheeses on here, some of which I’ve never even heard of! We would like a poster of this one, each illustration is so nice and detailed.

Lately it seems like little articles about cheese etiquette and treatment are cropping up here and there. We think this is great news! Unprocessed, artisanal cheeses are delicate and alive. The way in which consumers choose to cut, serve, and store their cheeses has a huge effect on the lifespan and flavor of the cheese.

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