Cottonbell for Valentine’s!

To celebrate Valentine’s this year, we decided to make heart-shaped Cottonbell! We know, a little cheesy … 😉

heart shaped cottonbell

In addition to our limited edition Cottonbell, we’re also celebrating Valentine’s by pairing up with a new friend for a photoshoot! We recently got the chance to play around with a Cheese Grotto, which is an innovative home storage unit for cheese.

The Grotto keeps cheeses at the optimal temperature and humidity to prolong their shelf life, and is perfect for anyone and everyone who loves to always have the highest quality cheese in their fridge. The shelves are removable and can turn into an instant cheese serving board!

slate with cottonbell

The creator, Jessica Sennett, has worked in the cheese world for years, both as a cheesemaker and cheesemonger, so we were also excited to have her taste Cottonbell – and put her expert cheese board skills to work on it!

cottonbell with flowers and oranges cottonbell with blood orange

We thought our Cottonbell looked pretty great in the Grotto! Either would make a great gift for your cheese-loving Valentine!

cottonbell with wine