Cottonbell in Five Bites

We’re undergoing the winter transition from Cottonseed, our mixed milk camembert style cheese, to Cottonbell, our cow’s milk only version! We’ll have Cottonseed for one more week at our local farmer’s markets – catch it if you can! Or try both to compare flavors! We’re also excited to announce that our distributors will be selling Cottonbell for the first time, so if you aren’t in North Carolina, keep an eye out for it (or ask for it!) at your local cheese stores!

With this seasonal change, we thought we’d try Cottonbell with several different flavor variations – five bites, as it were. It’s perfect for just about every meal of the day – try it as a simple way to elevate your breakfast, or dressed up for that holiday cocktail party you decided to throw.

camembert style cheese with lox, capers, everything bagel, red onions, tomato jam

Paired with lox, red onion, caper, and tomato jam on an everything bagel for a quick and delicious breakfast!

Or class up your eggs and bacon by serving them on top of a slice of cottonseed – it will melt and add an extra savory component to this classic breakfast!

camembert style cheese with eggs and bacon, soft poached egg, breakfast recipes, bacon recipes, camembert recipes, cottonbell

If you need an afternoon snack, use a slice of apple as your base, then add Cottonbell, chopped pecans, and an edible clover flower for some extra brightness!

camembert style cheese with apple, chopped pecans, edible flower, hand holding food, cottonbell, bites

For a cocktail party treat, layer a baguette, Cottonbell, pate, and sprinkle it with orange zest – the citrus helps lighten up & balance out this super savory snack!

camembert style cheese with baguette, orange zest, pate, cottonbell

Lastly – there’s always the classic pairing option of fig, a bit of rosemary, and a drizzle of balsamic vinegar with your Cottonbell!

camembert style cheese, fig, rosemary, balsamic vinegar, cottonbell, bites, hand holding food

Let us know what your favorite bites are in the comments – happy snacking!


The Boxcarr Team