Introducing Nimble!

A dutch baby for our new baby! New cheese baby, that is. We’re excited to announce Nimble, a mixed milk version of Lissome, made with half goat’s milk and half cow’s milk. Like Lissome, it also has a beer-washed rind, and a creamy interior that melts in your mouth. We add a dark brew from our friends at Mystery Brewing when we add the culture, as well as washing the rind in beer, to add a unique richness to the flavor. This version is a little funkier, with the goat’s milk adding a savory element at the end of the bite.

The Nimble is exactly that; versatile & great on it’s own, or fitting into any number of recipes that need a little extra goat kick.

Since we love cheese for any meal, we decided to make a savory dutch baby with the Nimble. Dutch babies make for a great weekend breakfast and are surprisingly easy to make.

We used this recipe from Bon Appetit. For the toppings, we roasted some apples with cinnamon, black pepper and thyme. Just heat up a skillet with butter and add the apple slices once the butter starts to brown. Add 3-4 sprigs of thyme, cinnamon and black pepper to taste, and let cook until soft.

When the dutch baby comes out of the oven, add slices of Nimble right away so it melts a little, then top with the roasted apples for a sweet and savory breakfast.

You could make this with any number of toppings – a soft cooked egg and bacon or avocado would go just as well! Hope everyone is staying cozy and eating lots of delicious cheese this January!

The Boxcarr Team