Not Your Ma’s Mac & Cheese

bowls of mac n cheese with beer
Everyone at Boxcarr loves simplicity, particularly when it’s the end of a long day and you just want a fast, warm, comforting dinner. So we’ve created the easiest homemade mac n cheese recipe possible – perfect for those days when you need a ten minute dinner, but also savory, unique & rich enough to impress friends.

close up of the lissome mac n cheese with sage

This dish uses Lissome, our cheese with a beer-washed rind. Recently we’ve been making a version of Lissome with a mix of both cow’s and goat’s milk. The mixed milk version is perfect for cooking with; adding a hint of savory, deep goat-cheese taste, without being too sharp or overloading the flavor. We’ve been loving this version of the cheese so much that we’ll continue to make it, as well as giving it a new name. So keep an eye out for that at markets & in stores soon!

ingredients for mac n cheese

This cheese is so rich and creamy that all you need to do is melt it to have the perfect sauce for mac and cheese. Then all you have to do is pour it over pasta, and add anything else you like in your mac n cheese – choose your own mac n cheese adventure!

pouring sauce onto pasta

We made this right after getting home from the Food Matters Again food show in Brooklyn, and we had a bag of Sfoglini pasta that we’d been given – handmade in NYC. So we decided to cook that up, and it was awesome! You can add some olive oil to the water while its cooking, or salt, although the Lissome is salty enough that you don’t necessarily need to.

sfoglini handmade pasta bag

While the pasta is cooking, melt down a chunk of Lissome on low heat on the stove, and stir well! If you want a smoother or thiner sauce, add a little milk or half & half, but if you like your pasta sauce thicker, just use Lissome. You can also add a little bit of pepper, and to make it look even fancier, add some chopped herbs. Rosemary would be good with this, or sage. We added some chopped sage to the sauce as well as used it as a garnish later.

lissome sauce with salt and pepper

And that’s it – pour the melted cheese onto your pasta, add anything else you want: fresh veggies, even a cut-up hotdog for some real throwback comfort – we won’t tell. Pair with a cold beer & relax!

mixing in the sauce to lissome mac n cheese

Let us know how you liked this, and if you have ideas for a new name for the mixed-milk Lissome, let us know @boxcarrhandmadecheese. Happy eating!
Love, The Boxcarr Team

macncheese with beer

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