With Italian roots stretching from the Piedmont to Sicily, our cheese is inspired by the small country farmsteads of Italy. We source Jersey and Holstein cow’s milk from a long-time neighbor, and Alpine, Nubian and Sannen goat’s milk from a nearby goat dairy.

rosie’s robiola

These are our best-of-both-worlds Robiolas. A clean, dry rind protects a slightly chalky but silky interior that is both luscious and zingy. Depending on our dairies’ availability, we sometimes make this cheese using all cow’s milk, but sometimes add a little bit of goat’s milk to the recipe. Check the label to see which you’re getting!


A delicate, snowy rind yields to a creamy, gooey center with notes of earth and truffle in this mixed milk masterpiece. She is our most sensitive cheese, requiring precision and craftsmanship, but ultimately Cottonseed rewards us all with her luxurious, full-bodied flavors.


Each year as Winter approaches, the goat milking season comes to an end, cow’s milk’s butterfat content increases, and we take any chance we can get to celebrate with decadent food and drink. Representative of the transition into the winter cheese season, Cottonbell’s all-cow’s-milk-decadence takes the place of Cottonseed in the caves. There are few better aesthetic compliments to cranberry reds and mistletoe greens than the immaculately white, fluffed rind of Cottonbell. A cut into the near three-quarter-pound squares yields what everyone is after this time of year: a contained, slow ooze of butter-rich cream. Like Cottonseed, the unaggressive rind adds a textural snap along side seashore-minerality and fresh mushroom earthiness – making it a perfect player alongside champagne effervescence as well as puff pastry crust.


The masculine appearance of this cow’s-milk cheese belies both its need for serious TLC in the cheese-room and its rich interior. After weeks of washing the rind with our favorite Piedmontese birra, it finally forms a uniformly buttery exterior that looks like a clean river stone. Like a beautiful love-child of Tallegio and Havarti, this cheese has an ethereal earthiness. “Lissome” means “supple, graceful, pliant”… quite appropriate, as this cheese melts in your mouth.


This semi-soft goats and cows milk cheese is washed in a bath of beer and b-linens. A ravishing rind develops after washing and aging this beaut. The young body is creamy and bright with a gentle savory meatiness granting it a very versatile cheese that melts amazingly. The peachy rind’s aromas are strong, however, the body is silky with a tang similar to Taleggio.



We named this cheese Campo not only because the word means “field” in Italian, but also because it conjures the sensory experience of a campfire gathering. Campo is the edgy younger sister of Lissome, hiding unexpected maturity. Using the same recipe, we take the young cheese that would become Lissome and instead cold-smoke it, preserving its youthful flavor while also imparting a smooth but noticeable smokiness and depth.

rocket’s robiola

An ash-dusted wrinkly rind protects a slightly chalky but silky interior that is both luscious and zingy. We find gentle almond and bright mushroom notes in this cheese that is named after one of our most beautiful and powerful goats, momma rocket.


An aged mixed-milk (cow/goat || 1:1) cheese that’s dipped in beeswax. Bright and sassy, it’s perfect for summer.


Fresh cow’s milk cheese. Spreadable. 5 different flavors: classic cream; pimiento; chives; herb & garlic; and peppercorn.

weanling button

These little guys are inspired by the wild onions that baby goats eat in the spring. This lactic cheese is studded with chives and grows a delicate geotrichum rind.