Summer Simplicity

With the hectic and hot beginning of summer, all the Boxcarr team wants to do right now is eat cheese boards. A full meal is too much effort and too heavy! Soon we’ll transition to salads and BLTs, but for now we’re taking the easiest route with simple, savory cheese boards to nibble on.

cottonseed cheese board

Luckily we had a little bit of the Cottonbell left before it vanished for the season — it was replaced by Cottonseed for the summer!

cottonseed closeup

We enjoyed a last few bites with fresh bread, almonds and pear. This month we’re all about the path of least resistance: a few high quality ingredients and no fuss.

cottonseed cheese with pear and bread

Summer is one of our busiest times at Boxcarr – the farmer’s markets are in full swing, the goats have new kids, and there’s a huge amount of milk to make into cheese!

Cottonseed Cheese Board Closeup

Say hi to us this year at the Durham Farmer’s Market, or pick up some of our products around town – or out of town.

cottonseed cheese with bread and pear

What’s your favorite summer dinner you’re looking forward to? Let us know in the comments or on Instagram, and check out the blog in June for our favorite salad recipe!

Cottonseed Cheese Board with Almonds and Bread

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