The Return of Cottonseed!

As some of you may know, our popular Cottonseed is replaced by the Cottonbell in the winter, when our goat milk supply dries up for the season. We’re excited to announce that the Cottonseed is back! A creamy, decadent cheese made with both goat and cow milk, the Cottonseed has a delicate rind and is one of our favorite cheeses.

Cottonseed seemed to have fun on her vacation, too–we managed to get an exclusive interview, and some pictures, of what this complicated cheese was up to during the break.

B: Welcome home, Cottonseed! We’re glad to have you back. How are you?
C: Well it’s just fantastic to be back for the season. I’m refreshed and better than ever, and ready to rock everyone’s world.

B: What were you getting up to while you were gone?
C: Well, just roaming, really. Want to see some pictures?
B: Of course.

cottonseed with flowers

C: I spent a lot of time hanging out in trees–because I’m amazing anywhere, at any height.

cottonseed in a tree

B: Looks fun!

C: It was! I also had a lot of picnic time with friends. As I’m sure you know, I’m an amazing addition to any cheese board, but I’m also great standing on my own. Even just with bread and some berries or nuts, I’ll rock your world. And although the conventional thinking is that red wines go best with cheese, often times they can clash with the cheese.

I need room to stand out on my own! A delicate white isn’t the best choice, but a sturdier white such as a chardonnay or rhone will provide complimentary notes without overshadowing my unique flavors. Not to mention, the weather is heating up and a white wine will be a little more refreshing this time of year!

cottonseed with wine, bread & berries

B: Good to know! We know you love adventures–did you go anywhere else exciting?

C: I went to NYC! I love hanging out in all the cheese shops there–you can click here to see everywhere you can find me! Here’s some pics of my vacation there.

cottonseed in front of the brooklyn bridge, hudson river

B: Looks like a great vacation, Cottonseed. We’re glad to have you back!

C: It sure was–and don’t forget I’m always up for an adventure. You can tag #cottonseedadventures if you want to make me famous on Instagram. Xoxo!

cottonseed in front of the brooklyn bridge & hudson river

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