The Story of Weanling Button


Soon, we’ll be offering a new cheese in limited batches. It’s called “Weanling Button” and we would like to share the origin of its funny little name…


Samantha has had goats for about 10 years and has loved them for even longer. There’s really nothing so sweet and adorable as a knobby-kneed, button-nosed baby goat frolicking around. When the babies get a little older and it’s time for them to be weaned off of their mother’s milk, we call them Weanlings. They start to eat grasses, trees, and hay, like their mothers do. One of the first things to grow in the spring here in North Carolina are the wild onions. They’re mild, like chives. Around the time the babies are being weaned, the wild onions are plentiful, and the goats love them. Anytime you’re kissing a baby goat of this age their hot breath on your face smells like sweet, wild onion.

samgoat nursin

So, as we began to develop the concept of this small, cute button of mostly goat’s milk cheese, we decided to add chives, and Samantha immediately thought of her young goats’ oniony breath, and Weanling Button was born.


Weanling Button is fresh and lactic tasting. It is aged for about two weeks, giving it time to develop a delicate, wrinkly exterior from the Geotrichum in its recipe.

We’ll be handing out samples of the Weanling Button this week. Let us know if you’re interested in trying some, because they’ll be available for pre-order next week.

Young Weanling before it gets its fuzz

Young Weanling before it gets its fuzz


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