Sourcing Jersey and Holstein cow’s milk and Alpine, Nubian, and Saanen goat’s milk from neighboring dairies, we take inspiration from our Italian roots to produce cheeses that are representative of what one would find visiting small farmsteads from Piedmont to Sicily.

rosie’s robiola

This multi-textural treat takes inspiration from the Piedmontese bloomy rinds. A doughy, brioche-noted rind contains an ever-changing ratio of slow-oozing creamline and chalky, flaking curd. On the younger side, the cow’s milk pops with bright acidity and curdy freshness, while the more aged squares’ silky texture takes on savory notes of buttery sautéed mushrooms.


In true Italian form, when multiple milk types are available, they are all put to use. Cottonseed embodies the practice of blending milks to showcase the favorable attributes each variety has to offer. Goat milk offers nutty and savory, yet inherently spring-y qualities, while cow’s milk mellows and lengthens flavors with an always-welcome addition of butteriness. The blended milk turned curd is all contained and ripened by a downy coat of P. Candidum, contributing notes of fresh mushroom and sea salt minerality.


The end of goat milk season falls right in line with the beginning of the coldest months of the year. We take full advantage of high butterfat cow’s milk and our body’s natural urge to eat richer, heartwarming foods by beginning production of Cottonbell. This all-cow’s milk sister to Cottonseed boasts warming notes of cultured butter, oyster-shell salinity, and mushroom woodiness.


This big, beefy, beer-laden cow’s milk takes inspiration from the funky Italian classic, Taleggio. Weeks of regular washing with a Piedmontese beer and brine solution promotes this bright orange rind, which, in turn, provides a malty, warming funk alongside a rich, lusciously creamy depth.


A sister-cheese to Lissome, with Nimble we see the addition of goat’s milk as well as the use of a local beer in the brine solution. Just like we see in the rest of our mixed milk line, the blend of cow and goat milk results in a balance of nutty savory qualities with buttery, mouth coating depth. The local beer imparts a bit more fruitiness than the birra used in Lissome.


Named for the Italian translation of “field”, Campo sees a quick cold-smoking, conjuring the campfire warmth alongside the meatiness of its washed rind. The pasteurized cow’s milk takes on notes of toasted walnut and brown butter, while an ever-present flavor of beautiful cured meat looms large. If a cheese could taste like all of Italy, this would be it!

rocket’s robiola

Somewhere between a vegetable-ashed Loire Valley bloomy rind and a Piedmontese Robiola, these near-three-quarter-pound square pack as much flavor into a cheeseboard as they do appearance. Dusted in vegetable ash before developing a doughy, wrinkled rind, the pasteurized cow’s milk begins tangy, bright and chalky, but continuously breaks down from week to week into a slow, oozing paste with notes of butter-roasted mushroom and toasted almond.


As a beeswax dipped, firmer, pasteurized goat and cow’s milk blend, Winsome perfectly embodies the transition of Spring to Summer. Bright, lemony paste is enclosed in a waxed rind so yellow, one would think the beeswax is imparting the citric tang. Easy going, versatile and incredibly snackable, these seasonal squares demand to be paired with the Spring and Summer bounty of fruits, vegetables and beverages we love. Picnic perfect!


A bright, tangy, mouth-coating fresh cow’s milk cheese that fits in wherever you need it. Our five spreadable flavors of Freshen (Classic Cream, Pimento, Chive, Herb & Garlic, and Peppercorn) are as comfortable on a cheeseboard as they are smeared onto toasted bread at breakfast or mixed into pasta.

weanling button

Studded with chives, this pasteurized cow and goat mixed milk is inspired by the wild onions of Spring eaten by our baby goats. A delicate, just barely formed geotrichum rind imparts mild doughy-ness on a cakey, tangy mouthful of Spring.