Boxcarr Handmade Cheese, a nearly 3000 square foot cheesemaking facility, sits atop our 30 acre slice of southern red clay known as Boxcarr Farms. Having farmed vegetables, pigs, chickens and goats since 2009 as a first generation farming family surrounded by generations-old operating farmsteads and derelict barns of an earlier era, in 2014 we broke ground on a cheesemaking facility that saw it’s first make in early 2015.

Brother and sister Austin and Samantha Genke, along with Austin’s wife Dani and local formaggiaia Alessandra Trompeo, make up the Boxcarr family, harnessing decades of combined cheesemaking, farming, design, and food & beverage knowledge. This experience, along with our dedication to family, hard work, and good food are the soul of Boxcarr Handmade Cheese. We hope you’ll taste it in every bite!

– Samantha Genke –

co-founder / cheesemaker

Moving to North Carolina over 16 years ago, Samantha began honing her craft of cheesemaking at the best creameries in the state. Simultaneously working at the area’s top restaurants, raising goats, and assisting in the first ventures of the newly established Boxcarr Farms, Samantha’s experience culminated in orchestrating the cheesemaking program at the heart of Boxcarr Handmade Cheese. Energy, heart and vision, combined with cheesemaking inspiration from her Italian ancestral roots, inform the ever-developing cheeses that Samantha and her team craft.

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– Austin Genke –

co-founder / head of sales

As someone who is able to envision, make or fix just about anything, Austin makes a perfect counterpart to Samantha as the co-founder of Boxcarr Handmade Cheese. A past of working in well-known fine dining big kitchens, farming, and food trucking provided Austin and Boxcarr Handmade Cheese with a wide range of skills and knowledge, which have assisted him as not only the contractor for the creamery build, but in continuously updating and improving on it.

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– Alessandra –


Northern Italian Geologist turned cheesemaker, Alessandra provides precision and methodology alongside Samantha’s freedom of experimentation. Combining her Geological interest in the bacterial life of mountainous regions and having worked at multiple Piedmontese dairies, Alessandra finally found herself at Boxcarr Handmade Cheese creating cheeses of her own, influenced by what she knew and loved.

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– Dani –

artist / cheese devotee

No product is complete without an eye-catching logo and label. Austin’s wife, Dani, provides not only an aesthetic eye to all that goes out the cheese house door, designing all branding and packaging, but also much needed support in the form of tasting notes.